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How to maximise your build & lifestyle on smaller blocks of land

December 1, 2020 in News

New builds on smaller or narrower land parcels are becoming a growing trend, making it a great time to consider the lifestyle advantages of a more compact home and how to maximise your space. 

Building on a smaller or narrower lot of land doesn’t have to mean going without a backyard. Multi-storey dwellings are becoming more popular and affordable these days, however it’s important to take the time early in the buying process to think about what requirements you will have for your family and lifestyle when deciding on what kind of home to build.


Less land, more floor space

With urban populations around all major Australian cities growing, land releases for new builds have become smaller over time: 300m2 – 450 mblocks of land are common and popular choices these days. But smaller land sizes haven’t stopped Australians from building bigger homes. In fact, according to housing information from CommSec, RBA, the UN and the US Census, Australia has the largest houses in the world, with the average new Australian house coming in at 214m2, compared to 201 m2 in the US, 109 m2 in Germany, 76m2 in the UK, 57m2 in Russia and just 45m2 in Hong Kong.


So what do you need from a new home?

It appears that homeowners are determined to keep building big in spite of the squeeze on land sizes. But before you start planning your new home, it’s worth thinking about how to use your budget for a home that suits the way you live.

The number of people in your family is a good starting point. If you have children, in the early years, they may not necessarily need their own room, however once they become teenagers and if you are expecting your kids to live with you well into their twenties, then you’re going to need plenty of bedrooms plus extra living areas and bathrooms too. Furthermore, if you work from home for example, you’ll need to allocate an extra room or nook for an office as well.


Do you really need to go up?

Once you’ve decided on the requirements for your floor plan, budget may be the main factor when choosing between double and single storey home designs. Going up can increase the overall cost per m2, however can give you the extra floor space you’re after without sacrificing the beloved Australian backyard and/or alfresco area.

So, before you commit to the extra budget, think about how much you really need that pool or lawn area and whether you’re ready to spend weekends mowing and gardening. If there are parks and green spaces nearby, like there are at Eliston, your kids may be just as happy to play there and spend more time outdoors with their friends and neighbours.

Furthermore, the time and money you could potentially save on home and garden maintenance, can free you up to enjoy more of the things in life you really enjoy, like travel, hobbies or time with family and friends – which sounds like a very good trade-off, and a very smart design decision, indeed.


Eliston currently has a large selection of House & Land packages available from some of Victoria’s most awarded and reputable builders to suit all lifestyle needs. Contact our friendly Eliston Land Sales Agent, Chris Hamilton today to find out about current house and land packages available via 0487 888 019. 



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