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The Land of Plenty – Green Smoothie Recipes

November 24, 2016 in Community

If you’ve visited our Discovery Centre you’ll know that Eliston is called The Land of Plenty because of our lush landscapes that are still blooming with celery crops today. If the looming summer season has you thinking healthy thoughts, it could be time to discover the power of celery as a key ingredient in a good green smoothie.

Green drinks get their vibrant colour from chlorophyll, a nutrient-rich pigment found in all leafy vegetables including celery, spinach and kale. Chlorophyll is great for a healthy diet, as it helps to cleanse the body of harmful toxins, oxygenates the blood and boosts energy levels.

The key to a good green smoothie is making sure it’s SMOOTH! Many key ingredients, like celery and cucumber, need to be blended very well to ensure a smooth consistency. A power blender like Vitamix or NutriBullet will not only give a smooth result, but will help release key nutrients during blending. Vitamix have a great Glowing Green Smoothie recipe to get your started or try the NutriBullet Green Breakfast Blast.

Or mix it up with some different flavour combinations like Pineapple & Celery,  Brocolli, Apple & Celery or Blueberry, Celery and Coconut water – although that last one isn’t technically green in colour! For weight loss, try Dr Oz’s Veggie Flush Smoothie.

If you’d love your new dream home to be amongst the beautiful, tranquil Eliston surrounds, head down to our Discovery Centre to see our fresh new house and land packages from Melbourne’s leading builders. We’re open 7 days, 11am to 5pm at 20 Pattersons Road.

Green Breakfast Blast via NutriLiving
Blueberry, Banana & Celery Smoothie via Wishful Chef
Broccoli, Apple & Celery Smoothie via Tales of a Kitchen
Broccoli, Apple & Celery Smoothie via Tales of a Kitchen
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