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May 1, 2020 in News


As we all know, social distancing has had us all stuck inside – sometimes going a bit stir crazy, especially when it comes to keeping the kids entertained all day and managing the home schooling.

We also know that we need to be creative and clever when it comes to physical activity, learning new skills and most importantly, having fun at home, whether you are a big or little kid.

As such, we have put together a list of some great activities you and the whole family can do to pass the time and keep you and the family happy, healthy and active during this time at home.

We hope you enjoy!



While gathering in a classroom might not be advisable right now, thanks to the power of the internet, classes of all kinds are still available and it’s an amazing time to learn new skills or improve on the ones you already have. Learning something new and thinking critically are great ways to stave off cabin fever.

This great list by Refinery29 has 10 off the best virtual learning sites out there that you can take advantage off during this time. Our personal favourite is Masterclass, but there are some great options to choose from, which can be viewed here: https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2020/03/9602100/online-learning-websites-classes.


If it’s your body that needs exercising right now and not just your mind, check to see if local fitness studios are streaming sessions with instructors. It’s tempting to sit in one spot all day when you have nowhere to be, but exercise is known to help with anxiety, and right now, many of us could use all the help we can get in that department.

The team at F45 Cranbourne are hosting F45LIVE classes daily which you can sign up to via this link: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/main_shop.asp?studioid=609373&tg=&vt=&lvl=&stype=40&view=&trn=0&page=&catid=&prodid=125&date=4%2f27%2f2020&classid=0&prodGroupId=&sSU=&optForwardingLink=&qParam=&justloggedin=&nLgIn=&pMode=0&loc=1.


An obvious one but what better way to start thinking about all the holidays you’ll be able to take once this is over than by learning the language of the countries you would like to visit.
Plus, it’s always useful to have on your CV and if heading abroad has been on your mind, then get a head start by picking up the local lingo.

Duolingo is a free to download, language learning app that you can spend as little as 10 minutes a day perfecting your Spanish, French, German, Japanese or even Latin. There are 30 languages to choose from and your plan is personalised to your ability across speaking, listening, reading and writing.

italki is also another great language learning app. Users can choose from more than 130 languages to learn from a bank of 10,000 teachers. Each teacher has their own course price, by the hour, and you only pay for the lessons you take. It’s a more focused way of seriously committing to learning to speak fluently.


Young minds need stimulation at the best of times, but certainly at the moment. Live Science have put together a list of some amazing real time science experiences which the kids can do from your home. Here are some of our favourites.


Visit with butterflies from Central, South and North America in the San Diego Zoo’s Hidden Jungle greenhouse, through their butterfly cam livestream. You can also find instructions for starting your own butterfly garden.


Make dinosaur shadow puppets with templates from the Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County, and stage your own stories about these extinct giants.


Tour marine sanctuaries and ocean habitats with a collection of virtual dives from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Dive into colourful coral reefs, swim with seals, or explore a shipwreck. Sanctuary views can be seen on a personal computer or a smartphone.


NASA isn’t just sending missions into space; the agency has also launched Teachable Moments, connecting classrooms — and homes — with resources for investigating the latest discoveries about our universe. There are a range of activities and lessons that are suitable for grades K-12.

NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex is another source of free online content. Educators share daily Facebook Live videos that pair with hands-on activities (instructions are available as free downloads) using materials that can be found at home. Topics include rocketry 101, tours of Space Shuttle Atlantis and the Astronaut Training Experience, and living in space and on Mars.


Although many sporting activities have been cancelled for this season, exercise is critical for young people’s physical and mental health.
We all need to think creatively about the activities children and teenagers can do when confined to the home. Opportunities for exercise might include a mini bootcamp in the backyard, an obstacle course through the house, physically active video games (dance, fitness, boxing), or kid-friendly dance and kids yoga classes on YouTube.

See the below list for some of our favourite online programs to keep kids fit during this time.

PE With Joe – AKA the Body Coach – are free 30-minute workouts for kids held at 9am weekdays UK time, which is 7pm AEST. Don’t worry if you miss the live workout – they’re saved to YouTube so you can get the kids involved when it works for you.

Cosmic Kids Yoga – help the kids find their zen amid all this chaos with these fun yoga and mindfulness sessions.

Sport Australia’s Tiny Trainer Challenges provide fun and creative ideas of how to keep children active and healthy at home.

Sport Australia’s Playing for Life Activity Cards provide game-based activities and are easily adapted to play at home to help create a safe, inclusive and challenging environment for children.

The Karma Class provides free breathing exercises, mindfulness activities and yoga classes designed for kids and family tips to remain calm, healthy and strong.

Netfit Virtual Clinics is a collaboration between Netfit Netball and Netball Australia to deliver live and free netball clinics between 9am and 3pm.

Personal trainer Sam Wood offers live workouts each day via Facebook, dedicating Tuesdays and Thursdays to kid-friendly routines.

No Limits Basketball provides free daily drills and skills clinics at 6pm.

Aussie Rules fans can check out the Footy at Home videos on YouTube for tips from their favourite footy stars.

Ready Steady Go Kids are offering fun at home online clinics to promote gross motor fundamentals.

We hope that these activities help you and the whole family have an enjoyable month!

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